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Instant Cashback is a simple, elegant, and affordable solution for consumers, and is also the solution for businesses who need more customers, a higher brand awareness, and increased market share but don’t want to pay expensive fees for marketing services, Instant Cashback is a comprehensive, mobile, multi-location marketing platform which consumers can take advantage of by conveniently getting keys wherever they are and anywhere they go.

Our company philosophy is to create a win-win situation for everyone: we want consumers to get awesome discounts from their favorite stores, and we want businesses to attract more customers and succeed. we also want to create an opportunity for everyone to make passive income without any out-of-pocket investment and any risk as a distributor, not just as a consumer or business.

Every party wants to win at buying or selling, and this is where “Cash Back” comes in as an effective solution that benefits both the buyers and the sellers. However, the average waiting time for the rebate is over 60 days, not to mention that the tracking process is cumbersome and tedious for the sellers. Introducing “Instant Cash Back” (ICB) as the world’s first instant cash back technology. By utilizing this and our personalized profit-sharing mechanism, we will not only stimulate demands from both active and hesitant users alike, but also bring the rebate shopping industry to an unprecedented height. Our constantly growing database now contains over 318.6 million subscribers, over 3 million buyers,over 300 thousand sellers, and over 75 thousand distributors. With all these factors in mind, we will provide unexpected benefits to all users on our platform.

Step 1: ICB has a large subscriber base, and ICB will utilize its 8 marketing services to help sellers promote their businesses and bring buyers to them. In return, sellers will give 10% of the final sale price as commission to ICB.

Step 2: Sellers now have a steady flow of customers and sales, which lowers the marketing cost.

Step 3: ICB shares the commission with buyers and distributors. Buyer gets half of the commission by the「 pay $1 to get $2 key then earn $1 instant cash back」model. Distributor gets 10% of the ICB key’s value for each that is sold or bought through his involvement with the sellers or buyers.

Step 4: ICB gets the remaining portion of commission.

ICB provides commission-based promotional marketing to our seller partners, and our ICB buyers get a share of this commission through “Instant Cash Back”.

We not only have a proper mechanism to dynamically balance the interests of sellers, buyers, and distributors, but we also provide users with multiple roles and rich scenarios to build a distributed and multi-dimensional interactive win-win system.

Purchasing an ICB Key & How It Works:

Visit the ICB key section of Coupon Magazine’s website to purchase keys. Search for the store you desire to shop at and check if there is an ICB key available for it. If yes, click on it and follow the on-screen instructions to complete the purchase. Keys can be used both in-store and online. The key can be applied upon checkout, which will translate to instantaneous cash back.

Really? So amazing? Is it too good to be true?

Why not sign up for a buyer account now to become one of the 3 million trusted ICB buyers and start enjoying our personalized and assisted shopping service for free? Give this amazing and innovative golden key a try, and you will start enjoying your endless victory at shopping. It will cost you nothing except spending a few minutes on the website or APP. With only a few clicks and you will be able to start experiencing 100% real saving! You will love it for sure! You will find that this amazing and innovative key is like an endless lottery prize for you, on and on! Day by day! Every day’s key, every day’s win at saving!

Why not sign up for a seller account now to become one of the 300,000 trusted ICB sellers and start boosting your business? By establishing an ICB key for your store or service, you will be able to earn more as we bring an endless flow of customers to you. Give this amazing and innovative golden key a try! You will definitely love it! You will find that this amazing and innovative key is like a magic solution for your business! Every day’s key, every day’s win at selling!

Why not sign up for a distributor account now to become one of the 75,000 trusted ICB distributors and start earning a remarkably steady yet sustainable and permanent passive income? By registering for an ICB distributor ID, you will be able to earn from your freelancer distributor business with the help of our distributor infrastructure and system. Give this amazing and innovative golden key a try and you will enjoy having a lot of buyers and sellers from ICB. It is free and you will love it for sure! You find that this amazing and innovative platform provides infrastructure and services that are simply like a magic key for your business. Every day’s key, every day’s win at sharing!

If you have any questions, please visit www.immediatecashback.com or call our toll-free number at 1-833-578-2228.

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