For Merchant

Coupon Magazine has already gathered tens of millions of consumers who are seeking reasonable discounts for their everyday shopping. We can bring this large group directly to you and highly incentivise them to make direct purchases because of the power of commitment: once they have paid for a coupon, they don’t want it to go to waste. They are virtually guaranteed to patronize your business. In addition, Coupon Magazine does not charge you any fees for our 8 incredible marketing and promotion services. The combination of directly funneling customers to you and providing you with truly free marketing allow you to really reduce marketing costs and increase your customer flow. We help you lower costs, increase sales, and increase your market share. It is through this system that a small portion of your profits can be given out to consumers to incentivise them to shop with you. In your Merchant Portal on our site and app, you can clearly see how many people have purchased discount coupons for your store, how much money they’ve paid you, and how many customers have visited your store because of the discount coupons. We put the data you need right at your fingertips.Here’s how it works: Edward signs up his business to couponmagazine and immediately starts benefiting from our 8 free marketing services which help him increase his brand awareness, sales, and market share. New customers are virtually guaranteed to make purchases because people are very likely to buy things they have already invested in, like when they purchase one of your coupons. He can also benefit from couponmagazine as a customer himself and take advantage of excellent discounts for business purchases. He can even become a distributor and start earning passive income from reaching other businesses and customers.