For Distributor

Everyone, including merchants and consumers, can benefit from saving money with us. However, you can also become a distributor of our platform from the comfort of your own home. Without any investments, office, employees, vehicles, warehouse, required, you can run a freelance business from your mobile phone and start earning steady, sustainable, permanent passive income. In your Dealer Portal on our app or site you can get all the metrics you want about your buyers. Here’s how it works: John becomes a distributor and signs up his father’s business. His father Edward gets the benefits of couponmagazine’s 8 free marketing services and John starts earning passive income from every coupon that anyone buys for his father’s business. Then, John refers his sister to the site to buy any coupons she wants. She gets great discounts on many of the things she regularly buys and John gets additional passive income from each coupon as well. Everyone benefits: John earns income passively, his father’s business gets more guaranteed customers, and his sister gets real extra savings on her usual shopping.